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Aluminum Metal Printing Machine

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Aluminum plate printing machines are great for achieving full-color, seamless graphics. Metal printing presses  such as aluminum can printing machine, beverage can printing machine, tin can printing machine and beer can printing machine are widely used for printing on the surface of the metal packaging industry such as Peel-Off Lid, Dried Food Easy Open End, Canned Food Easy Open End, Beverage Easy Open End, Daily Chemicals Easy Open End, Bottom End, Combo EOE. RUIYUAN main products have covered many application fields such as food (including dry powder), beverage and daily chemical products, etc.

Aluminum Plate Printing Machine Advantages

  • High Performance

    Aluminum can printing machines have the capability to produce high-quality, full-colour graphics. This means they can print images that cover the entire spectrum of colours, from the lightest hues to the darkest shades. 

  • Energy Saving

    Aluminum can printing machines with high automation levels significantly reduce energy costs. They operate at optimal efficiency, minimizing energy waste. Precise control over operation times, with programmed shutdown during inactivity, further conserves energy. Energy-saving features like sleep modes also contribute to lower energy consumption.

  • Easy Installation

    The components of an aluminum can printing machine are highly standardized, ensuring consistent quality and performance. This standardization allows for easy interchangeability of parts, simplifying maintenance and repairs. Additionally, these parts are designed for easy installation, often requiring minimal tools and featuring user-friendly instructions, reducing installation time and potential errors.

Aluminum Can Printing Machine Technical Data

Maximum sheet size1145×950mm1145×950mm1145×950mm
Minimum sheet size standard712×510mm712×510mm712×510mm
Sheet thickness standard 0.15-0.4mm0.15-0.4mm0.15-0.4mm
Maximum printing area 1135×945mm1135×945mm1135×945mm
Size of printing plate1160×1040×0.3mm1160×1040×0.3mm1160×1040×0.3mm
Size of pre-bar blanket1175×1135×1.9mm1175×1135×1.9mm1175×1135×1.9mm
Gripper margin3-5mm3-5mm3-5mm
Maximum mechanical speed5000 sheets/hr
Maximum printing speed depending upon printing shop conditions and ingoing material quality
Height of infeed table 916mm916mm916mm
Maximum weight of feeder pile2.0  (ton)2.0  (ton)2.0  (ton)
Power of main motor15 kw15kw+15kw15kw+15kw+15kw
Capacity of air pump80+100(m³/hr)80+100(m³/hr)80+100(m³/hr)
Dimension of  machine(LxWxH) Length without inspection table6850x3700x2460mm 10750x3700x2460mm 14750x3700x2460mm          
Total connected load of machine without dryers36kw56kw76kw
Running pressing of air cylinder0.6-0.8Mpa
Compressed air ≥140m³/h

How Does An Aluminum Can Printing Machine Work?

An aluminum can printing machine, also known as a can decorator, is a specialized piece of equipment designed to apply ink or other printing materials to aluminum cans. Here is a general overview of how the machine works:


Can feeding: Empty aluminum cans are loaded into the machine's feeding system, which uses a conveyor belt to move the cans into position for printing.


Printing plates: The machine uses metal printing plates that are created from the desired artwork. Each color of the design requires a separate printing plate.


Ink application: Ink is applied to the printing plates using a roller or other application method. The ink adheres to the raised surfaces of the plate and is transferred to the can during the printing process.


Printing: The cans move through the machine, passing under the printing plates in sequence to apply each color of the design. The printing plates press against the can surface, transferring the ink to the can.


Drying: After printing, the cans are dried using drying equipment or infrared radiation to set the ink.


Inspection: The cans are inspected for quality control, including color accuracy, alignment, and any defects.


Packing: The printed cans are then packaged into boxes or onto pallets for shipment.


Overall, the aluminum can printing machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment that requires careful calibration and maintenance to ensure accurate and high-quality printing.

Aluminum Can Printing Process

The aluminum can printing process involves a series of steps to decorate and label aluminum cans with various designs and information. Here is a general overview of the process:


Pre-press: The artwork is prepared and adjusted to fit the size and shape of the can. This includes adjusting color, resolution, and any text or graphics.


Plate-making: The design is transferred onto a metal plate through a photographic process. Each color requires a separate plate.


Printing: The plates are mounted onto a printing press, and ink is applied to each plate. As the can moves through the press, the ink is transferred from the plates to the can.


Drying: After printing, the cans are dried using hot air or infrared radiation to set the ink.


Coating: A protective coating is applied to the cans using metal coating equipment to prevent scratches and scuffs during transportation and handling.

Inspection: The cans are inspected for quality control, including color accuracy, alignment, and any defects.


Packing: The cans are packed into boxes or onto pallets for shipment.


Overall, the aluminum can printing process is a complex and precise procedure that requires careful attention to detail to produce high-quality, visually appealing cans.

Printing on Aluminum Sheet Display

  • Aluminium Foil Printing Machine For Peel Off Lid
    Peel Off Lid

    Peel Off Ends can tightly protect against moisture, UV rays, and gas which is ideally suitable for loose products such as milk powder, spices, supplements, coffee, or tea. With a tear-off aluminum, smooth or corrugated membrane. 

  • Aluminium Foil Printing Machine For Aluminium Easy Open Ends
    Aluminium Easy Open Ends

    This beer can printing machine manufactured product owns the features of safer and easier to open. Full Aperture style is mainly used in coffee powder, milk powder, cookies, snacks, and other dried food. Pour Aperture style is used in mechanical oil.

  • Aluminium Foil Printing Machine For Canned Food Easy Open End
    Canned Food Easy Open End

    In our assortment, we offer you a wide selection of Easy Open ends, commonly used for the food industry. These lids are adapted to sterilization and loosen products, ideal for canned fish, meat, vegetables, as well as ready meals. We provide standard sizes and tailored to your needs individually, in addition, there is a possibility of lithography on the lid. We also sell sets, matched to the product requirements.

  • Aluminium Foil Printing Machine For Beverage Easy Open End
    Beverage Easy Open End

    Beverage Ends as an essential part of beverage cans, it is widely used in juice, coffee, beer, and other soft drinks. To fulfill the various demands of different markets, we offer two opening options: RPT(Ring Pull Tab)and SOT (Stay-On Tab ) which are more convenient, ease-of-use, and drinking experience to consumers.

  • Aluminium Foil Printing Machine For Bottom End
    Bottom End

    Our Sanitary Can Ends / Bottoms are good for packing meat, fish, tomato paste, evaporated milk, vegetables, coffee, and powdered products. We supply them by using high-quality tinplate, special lacquer quality, and perfect manufacturing. We can even design a bottom for your specific need. 

Aluminum Can Printing Machine Working Video

Aluminum Can Printing Machine Working Video
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