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Tin Plate Printing Machine
Tin Printing Machine

Tinplate Printing Machine

As a professional tin printing machine manufacturer, Ruiyuan provides high performence tin printing machine for sale. Tinplate printing packaging due to its good sealing, preservation, light avoidance, robustness, and unique metal decorative charm, determines that the tin sheet printing machine has a wide range of coverage in the packaging container industry, is the international general packaging varieties. Tinplate packaging decorated by our tinplate printing machines is full of innovation. Three-piece cans are often called tinplate three-piece cans, commonly used for food, beverage, dry powder, chemical products, aerosol products, and other canned containers. Contact us for more information of tin printing machine.

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Tinplate Printing Machine Advantages

  • Printing Quality Improvement

    Dot reduction degree more than 98%

    Value K: yellow (Y) ≥ 30%

    Magenta (M) ≥ 34%

    Cyan (C) ≥ 38% 

    Black (BK) ≥ 45%

  • Precision Improvement

    Overlapping line precision ≤ 0.02mm

    Minimum adjustment precision automatic system 0.01mm

    Single adjustment deviation ≤ 0.005mm

  • Field Density

    Yellow (Y) for 0.85 ~ 1.15, 

    Magenta (M) for 1.20 ~ 1.50, 

    Cyan (C) for 1.30 ~ 1.60,

    Black ( BK) for 1.60 ~ 1.90

  • Key Indicators

    50% dot expansion rate of ≤ 15%; 

    2% -98% printing dot step reduction

    The highlighted part of the 2% dot is not lost 

    Dark tone 98% dot does not paste plate

Tinplate Printing Machine Applications

  • Tin Plate Printing Machine For Food Cans
    Food Cans
  • Tin Plate Printing Machine For Piggy Bank
    Piggy Bank
  • Tin Plate Printing Machine For Cosmetics Cans
    Cosmetics Cans
  • Tin Plate Printing Machine For Gift Cans
    Gift Cans
  • Tinplate Printing Machine For Commodity Cans
    Commodity Cans
  • Tinplate Printing Machine For Toys
  • Tinplate Printing Machine For Beverage Cans
    Beverage Cans
  • Tinplate Printing Machine For Daily Chemical Products Cans
    Daily Chemical Products Cans
Tinplate Printing Machine
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Aug 18 , 2022
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