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Drying Oven

As one of the professional industrial drying oven manufacturers in China, RUIYUAN continues technological innovation to create the best value for all customers and provides a suitable price for industrial drying ovens. RUIYUAN's conventional oven for drying is mainly used to dry after the metal printing or coating. Fast and gentle heating stages and effective cooling have always been the benchmark for paint drying ovens. Reliable and damage-free drying are guaranteed even at high speeds. This efficiency can be enhanced with RUIYUAN's conventional plate drying oven.

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Industrial Drying Oven Specification

Maximum speed6000 sheets/h6000 sheets/h6000 sheets/h
Minimum oven working temp230℃230℃230℃
The length of oven27m30m33m
The total length of equipment42.95m45.95m48.95m
Time for sheets baking in baking zone
Speed of 4800 sheets/h10minute11minute12minute
Speed of 5100 sheets/h9.4minute10.3minute 11.3minute
Speed of 5400 sheets/h8.9minute9.8minute10.7minute
speed of 6000 sheets/h8minute8.8minute9.6minute
Maximum sheet size1143x965mm1143x965mm1143x965mm
Minimum sheet size710x508mm710x508mm710x508mm
Sheet thickness standard 0.15-0.4m0.15-0.4m0.15-0.4m
Cooling zone4.66m6.96m6.96m
Quantities of heating chamber222
Cooling zone air intake volume50000m³/h50000m³/h50000m³/h
Cooling zone air outlet volume55000m³/h55000m³/h55000m³/h
Air supply: not exceed4500m³/h4500m³/h4500m³/h
Front exhaust air volume about 10000 m³/habout 10000 m³/habout 10000 m³/h
Rear exhaust air volumeabout 4000 m³/habout 4000 m³/habout 4000 m³/h
Total power consumptionabout 58.1 kwabout 64.1 kwabout 75.1kw

Technical Performance of Drying Oven for Sale

  • Our industrial plate drying oven guarantees the printing products reliable and damage-free drying even at high speeds

  • Multi-layer structure wallboard for fewer energy consumptions is offered with extra thicker boards within 150mm-220mm, 2-layer for top and bottom plate, and 3-layer for oven body.

  • Wickets used in paint drying rooms are coated with chrome. (Three times are nickels processing and the last one is coated with chrome) and hollow structured to facilitate more stable transmission and heat absorption.

  • Wickets conveyor of paint drying machines using high strength chain, the roller (our patented product) increased to 5 pcs/meter, it has high wear resistance and dust-free.

Technical Performance of Drying Oven for Sale
Drying Oven
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