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The industrial drying equipment is used at the end of the metal printing and coating production lines in order to improve the print quality and yield. The drying system line from the conveyor, feeding device, drying, cooling, unloading, accumulation. The main heating energy of our China drying machine is applicable: electricity, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, and other energy sources can also be used. As one of the professional drying machine manufacturers, RUIYUAN has high quality China drying equipment for sale at reasonable prices.If you are looking for drying machine suppliers, contact us!

Drying Equipment for Sale

  • Drying Oven

    In recent years, our drying ovens have enjoyed a reputation as China's best ovens for the drying of printed and coated metal sheets, furthermore, we are committed to becoming the world's top supplier. The new generation of drying ovens is energy-saving and highly efficient.
  • UV Drying

    Energy efficiency plays an important role in the drying process. The UV Drying machine can save energy up to 50%-60%.

Industrial Drying Equipment Proven Technology & Absolute Efficiency

Industrial Drying Equipment Proven Technology & Absolute Efficiency

1. Damage-free sheet transport.

2. Precise and constant temperature over the whole surface of the sheets.

3. Low energy of our industrial drying equipment.

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