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Metal Heat Transfer Thermal Oxidation Device

Metal Heat Transfer Thermal Oxidation Device(TNV)

Metal heat transfer thermal oxidation device(TNV) is used to purify industrial waste gases containing high concentrations of organic pollutants, The direct fired thermal oxidizer system is characterized by a very high utilization rate of heat in system.  Combined with a downstream heat recovery system, the unit is inexpensive to operate and requires only a small amount of external fuel heating. 

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After a heat transfer, the exhaust gas is directly burned by the combustion machine, combined with the heat released by the oxidation and decomposition of the solvent itself, which makes the furnace reach 750~800℃, and stays for 1~2 seconds, and the final destruction efficiency can reach 99.8%.  

TNV Air Flow Range & Efficiency

  • Applicable flow rates from 2,000 to 55,000 Nm³/h

  • Heat utilization of 76% within the system

  • Heat recovery systems for air, water, oil, steam, and for absorption chillers

  • Low maintenance

  • Long service life

  • Easy operation

TNV Air Flow Range & Efficiency

TNV Design Features

  • Preheating device: The metal heat transfer thermal oxidation device (TNV) needs to be heated to above 700 degrees to start the oxidation reaction. The system requires a large amount of heat. The use of a preheating heat exchanger, along with the heat from the high-temperature exhaust gas exiting the oxidizer, can significantly reduce fuel consumption.

  • Automatic temperature control: The temperature for carrying out the oxidation reaction can be set as required, and the output of the burner is automatically adjusted by PLC to maintain the temperature according to the temperature inside the metal heat transfer thermal oxidation device (TNV).

TNV Design Features
Metal Heat Transfer Thermal Oxidation Device(TNV)
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