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To achieve non-stop production, one box is used for collecting unqualified products, the other two boxes receive the sheet change-over freely. After meeting the set collection quantities, it can land and output the sheet automatically, when receiving the pallet and rising automatically to prepare for receiving the next sheet without any operator set up. It's very intelligent and convenient.

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Stacker Specifications

StackerTechnical Data
Machine Dimensions(mm)1680x1640x1550
Maximum speed (sheets/min)100
Maximum Tinplate Width (mm)1200
Main power50HZ,3KW

Automatic VAC Stack Technical Performance

  • Achieve the classification of material collection, waste and finished materials collected in separate pallets.

  • Three stackers can be automatically switched; each group of stacker can be used as receivers.

  • Automatic discharge to save labor cost.

  • Free control without time limit for more flexible operation,save 15 minutes

Automatic VAC Stack Technical Performance
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