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Auxiliary Equipment

As a system supplier Shanghai RUIYUAN printing equipment Co., Ltd provides all the auxiliary equipment necessary to ensure smooth highly automated production and offers individually tailored solutions for process optimization and automation.

Auxiliary Equipment for Offset Metal Printing Press Machine

  • Stacker

    To achieve non-stop production, one box is used for collecting unqualified products, the other two boxes receive the sheet change-over freely.
  • Pile Turner

    Our pile turners are mainly for metal printing and coating. The working platform is plate type or drum type, easy for loading and unloading stackers. They can handle metal sheets up to a maximum size of 1143(mm)×965(mm) and stack weights up to 3,600 kg, and suitable for all typical applications in the industry.
  • Computer to Plate

    CTP (Computer To Plate) refers To Computer direct Plate making, which uses laser scanning To record digital page information on the Plate, and then obtains the Plate through appropriate post-processing.
  • Wickets for Ovens

    We can also provide various sizes and specifications of wickets with chrome plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, and zinc plating as surface treatment. TIG welding, riveting, or spot welding can be used.
  • Online Monitoring

    The online monitoring technology is suitable for metal printing and coating production line, which greatly improves the yield and reduce metal sheets waste.

Improved Efficiency in Metal Sheet Decoration

Improved Efficiency in Metal Sheet Decoration
  • Reduced automatic offset printing machine setup time

  • Early alarms prevent evolving defects

  • Eject waste sheets within configurable defect parameters

  • Restored job requirements enable fast machine-ready

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Auxiliary Equipment
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