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Pile Turner Machine
Automatic Turnover Machine
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Automatic Pile Turner Machine

Our pile turners are mainly for metal printing and coating. The working platform is plate type or drum type, easy for loading and unloading stackers. Pile turner machine can handle metal sheets up to a maximum size of 1143(mm)×965(mm) and stack weights up to 3,600 kg, and suitable for all typical applications in the industry. RUIYUAN can provide pile turner for sale.

The machine for metal printing press adopts the synchronous screw pressing type with a double shaft motor, with a large pressing force. Its structure is reasonable, easy to operate, stable, and reliable performance, so as to guarantee maximum operating reliability and absolutely damage-free turning. This device can be installed outline and can serve up to 7 production lines. (It can also be used to make holes and connect wires)

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Pile Turner Machine Technical Performance

  • Operational reliability and high efficiency

  • Damage-free turning

  • Possibility of integration inline or offline

Pile Turner Machine Technical Performance
Pile Turner
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