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Application of Metal Printing & Coating Machine

For more than twenty years, RUIYUAN has committed to the development and manufacture of metal decorating printing & metal coating equipment. Now RUIYUAN is the market and technology leader in China in the field of the metal printing press and metal coating equipment manufacturing. The full collection of multi-color metal printing press, single and double base coaters,  steel laminator, and auxiliary devices meet the versatile customer demands and provide wide applications of tinplate printing and aluminum packages for food, beverage, cap&ends, daily&industrial chemical, household electrical, as well as Craft Tins.

printing on caps

Metal Printing Machine for Caps & Ends

Protect Your Quality Coating Reputation
RUIYUAN's Engineering expertise and flexible solutions guarantee printing and coating efficiency and optimized performance so your plant can focus on producing high-quality metal caps & ends.
> Dried Food Easy Open Ends (coffee powder, milk powder, cookies, snacks, and other dried food) Printing & coating
> Canned Food Easy Open End (canned fish, meat, vegetables, as well as ready meals) Printing & coating
> Beverage Easy Open End ( juice, coffee, beer, and other soft drinks) Printing & coating
> Daily Chemicals Easy Open End Printing & coating
>Bottoms Ends (packing meat, fish, tomato paste, evaporated milk, vegetables, coffee, and powdered products) Printing & coating
> Combo EOE Printing & coating
printing on cans

Metal Printing Machine for Beverage Can

Beverage can—Cans have been used as marketing tools ever since manufacturers began filling them with food and drink. The upgraded beer can printing machine  RYYT 453 series has some key indicators, such as: units overlapping line precision ≤ 0.02mm; field density, yellow (Y) for 0.85 ~ 1.15, magenta (M) for 1.20 ~ 1.50, cyan (C) for 1.30 ~ 1.60, black ( BK) for 1.60 ~ 1.90; relative contrast value K (printing contrast) has also been significantly improved, including yellow (Y) ≥ 30%, magenta (M) ≥ 34%, cyan (C) ≥ 38%, black (BK) ≥ 45%; 50% dot expansion rate of ≤ 15%; 2% -98% printing dot step reduction, that is, the highlight part of the 2% dot is not lost, dark tone 98% dot not paste plate.
Metal Printer for Food Container

Metal Printer for Food Container

In the food packing industry, we offer you a wide selection of metal decorating printing and metal coating equipment according to the characteristics of the customer's product structure to ensure maximum customer benefit. Our metal coating machine and metal printing machine help the food can industry to solve a wide range of printing problems, not only to produce beautiful and high-quality prints but also to ensure food safety and cost savings.
About 80% of the domestic manufacturers in the food packaging industry are our customers, and we also have many customers in the food packaging industry internationally. Such as Crown, Kian Joo Can Factory, Good Luck Food Industry and so on.
printing chemical

Printing Machine for Daily & Industrial Chemical Bottle

RUIYUAN's 20+ years of metal printing and coating machine manufacturing experience will provide unique insight into the wide variety of applications in the Daily & Industrial Chemical Achieving cost-effective local regulatory compliance in the printing industry requires a complete understanding of both regulatory standards as well as the printing process. With over two decades of experience, RUIYUAN has developed unparalleled expertise in meeting your unique requirements.
> Aerosol cans in all categories coating and printing
> Daily chemical cans coating and printing
> Daily chemical ends coating and printing
printing tin

Metal Printer for Craft Tins

Technology brings cans to the arts and crafts world.
Now, innovative inks, varnishes, printing, and shaping techniques have enabled the emergence of a new canvas for creatives – the craft cans. A trend that found popularity among can art and creative design is slowly leaching into the wider market. With over 20 years of experience in the development of technology and the manufacture of equipment for the metal printing and coating industry, RUIYUAN is confident that we can print a colorful world. As a tin printing machine manufacturer, we can print exquisite prints according to customers' requirements, whatever the craft can.
The Role of 5-Color Printing Machine in the Food and Beverage Industry
Mar 14 , 2024
The Role of 5-Color Printing Machine in the Food and Beverage Industry
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