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RYYT 453 Series Multi Color Printing Machine Main Technical Performance

Centralized control system

Central remote console, centralized control, simple and efficient metal decorating printing operation.

Automatic sheet size change

Input the sheet size in the centralized control system, press the “Confirm” button to finish the multi-printing adjustment of the pusher and side lay. Also, can a fine adjustment of the side lay in running mode, reduce manpower and higher efficiency.

Gripper front lay remote control device

The centralized control system can accurately and fast finish the fine adjustment of the front lay in running mode, it also can improve the efficiency.

INKPRO Ink fountain remote control system

Directly presetting the CIP3 date into the ink console, automatically preset the ink quantity. Then complete the ink set, through the 36 ink color sections to remotely adjust the quantity of ink in each area. The memory storage function of multiple order data presetting and read the setting data is necessary automatically. In addition, it can complete the closure of the whole ink key, also has the function with a one-button sheet closing system. Saving the time of ink mixing, with higher efficiency, reduce the chromatic aberration of different batches

Auto ink wash-up device

Finish the multi-printing press units or single-printing press unit ink wash up by one button, saving the cost of cleaning agent, reduce workforce, saving the washing time by about 35 minutes with high efficiency and green environmental protection

Alcohol dampening system

The automatic offset printing machine is composed of an alcohol box with temperature control function, water rollers, and a heat preservation sink with liquid level detection function, ensuring uniform, stable and reliable water on the layout

Electric feed

Through the button and electric motor control, the feeder can be adjusted to move left and right, forward and backward to achieve the optimal feeding position, which saves manpower and is easy to operate.

RYYT 453 Series Multi Color Printing Machine Main Technical Performance
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