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CTP Computer to Plate Printing Machine

CTP (Computer To Plate) refers To Computer direct Plate making, which uses laser scanning To record digital page information on the Plate, and then obtains the Plate through appropriate post-processing.  According to the different imaging principles, computer to plate printing machine can be divided into two types: UV-CTP and thermal CTP.  UV-CTP is the use of light exposure to the printing plate to image, thermal CTP is the use of thermal imaging technology imaging. As one of the professional CTP (computer to plate) manufacturers in china, we provide CTP (computer to plate) machine for sale at a suitable price.

A complete CTP system used in metal decorating press includes digital workflow, digital proofing, and CTP output equipment, etc. CTP output equipment includes plate feeders, direct plate makers, (over-bridge) plate processors, plate collectors, etc

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CTP Computer to Plate Machine Main Features

  • Our computer to plate machine has a precise guide-rail base

  • Three chamber drum-in vacuum structure, a workable suction area big, plate small

  • High-precision side-ruler tech. Increase repeat precision

  • Continuous plate go-in structure, auto plate uploading

  • Power saving, reliable PLC system

  • High-precision optical platform

CTP Computer to Plate Machine Main Features
Computer to Plate
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