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RYYT 452 Series Metal Decorating Machine

3 colour offset printing machine
4 color offset printing machine

RYYT 452 series multi color offset printing machine is the market and technology leader in the field of metal decorating presses. RYYT 452 series multicolor offset printing machine provides a high-performance metal printing solution and excellent print quality. The multi color offset printing machine is an automatic offset printing machine with low make-ready times and is easy to operate. RYYT 452 series multi color offset printing machine include 1-color, 2-color , 3-colour, 4-colour , 5-color, 6-color, 8-colour, multi-color metal printing presses and we can provide 1-color, 2-color, 3-colour, 4-colour, 5-color, 6-color, 8-colour, multi-color metal printing presses at a suitable price.  

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RYYT 452 Series Color Printing Press Specifications

Maximum sheet size1145×950mm1145×950mm1145×950mm
Minimum sheet size standard712×510mm712×510mm712×510mm
Sheet thickness standard 0.15-0.4mm0.15-0.4mm0.15-0.4mm
Maximum printing area 1135×945mm1135×945mm1135×945mm
Size of printing plate1160×1040×0.3mm1160×1040×0.3mm1160×1040×0.3mm
Size of pre-bar blanket1175×1135×1.9mm1175×1135×1.9mm1175×1135×1.9mm
Gripper margin3-5mm3-5mm3-5mm
Maximum mechanical speed5000 sheets/hr
Maximum printing speed depending upon printing shop conditions and ingoing material quality
Height of infeed table 916mm916mm916mm
Maximum weight of feeder pile2.0  (ton)2.0  (ton)2.0  (ton)
Power of main motor15 kw15kw+15kw15kw+15kw+15kw
Capacity of air pump80+100(m³/hr)80+100(m³/hr)80+100(m³/hr)
Dimension of  machine(LxWxH) Length without inspection table6850x3700x2460mm 10750x3700x2460mm 14750x3700x2460mm          
Total connected load of machine without dryers36kw56kw76kw
Running pressing of air cylinder0.6-0.8Mpa
Compressed air ≥140m³/h

Standard Configuration of RYYT 452 series Optional Configuration of RYYT 452 series

Standard Configuration of RYYT 452 series

Inspection Table Of Metal Decorating Machine
Inspection table
Electrical Feeder Of Metal Decorating Machine
Electrical feeder
Feeder Empty Sheet Sensor Of Metal Decorating Machine
Feeder empty sheet sensor
Fan-type Anti-ink-emulsified Blowing System Of Metal Decorating Machine
Fan-type anti-ink-emulsified blowing system
Electromagnetic Clutch Formula Oscillate Position Switching System Of Metal Decorating Machine
Electromagnetic clutch formula oscillate position switching system
Alcohol Damping System Of Metal Decorating Machine
Alcohol damping system
Blowing Device Of Metal Decorating Press
Blowing device
Aluminum Blanket Bar Of Metal Decorating Machine
Aluminum blanket bar

Optional Configuration of RYYT 452 series

Grid Voltage Change Of Metal Decorating Machine
Grid voltage change
Auto Pusher Sheet Size Adjustment Of Metal Decorating Machine
Auto pusher sheet size adjustment
Electric Stack Adjustment Mechanism Of Metal Decorating Machine
Electric stack adjustment mechanism
Cleaning Reel Of Metal Decorating Machine
Cleaning reel
Side Gauge For Ripple Metal Of Metal Decorating Machine
Side gauge for ripple metal
Ghost Reduce Roller Of Metal Decorating Machine
Ghost reduce roller
Auto Ink Roller Washing Device Of Metal Decorating Machine
Auto ink roller washing device
Gripper Lay Remote Control Device Of Metal Decorating Machine
Gripper lay remote control device
Inkpro-I Remote Control Inking System Of Metal Decorating Machine
INKPRO-I Remote control inking system
  • RYYT 452 Series Main Technical Performance
    RYYT 452 Series Main Technical Performance
    • Three printing cylinders are arranged vertically for easy operation;

    • Quick gripper for printing plate and rubber cloth to reduce lead time;

    • Drive system of ink/water supply can be separated from the main motor to avoid dry abrasion of the rubber roller;

    • Advanced structure for dynamic pressure adjustment of water/ink roller makes easy operation;

    • Automatic adjustment of synchronization between feeder and main motor by easy operation of push button;

    • The shaft-less drive is used. Four printing couples are controlled by individual motor so they are independent.

    • The synchronized optic cable between printing couples, through the virtual main axis as reference, makes the four units quite synchronized.

    • Main drive device with simple structure has only one communication bus to connect PLC and is easy for service; 

    • All cylinders/rollers and delivery device and double sheet ejector are coupled pneumatically featuring simple structure and easy operation;

    • Water/ink duct rollers are controlled separately by frequency converter for continuous speed change, and are synchronized/traced with main motor;

    • Reasonable and advanced arrangement of china offset printing machine water/ink rollers guarantees printing quality;

    • All three big cylinders use advanced high precision bearing support to ensure quality printing;

    • Hard lining structure ensures solid screen dot;

    • High point closing of jaws with strong gripping force and reliable transfer;

    • Sheet transfer by imported electronic device and standard air cylinder features simple structure and accurate transfer;

    • The stock lift mechanism is operated by worm wheel and chain wheel with strong load capability and without slip;

    • A No-sheet detector for stock controls the air pump operation and holds back the stock lift.

RYYT 452 Series
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