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Metal Coating Machine

Fully automatic metal coating is the essential process for anti-rust and brightness effect before and after printing for metal sheets made of tinplate, aluminum and steel. Perfect evenness and ergonomic design of metal decorating printing wins 100% customer satisfaction in cost efficiency.

Types of Metal Coating Machine for Sale

  • RYTB 452B Series

    This unit is available not only as a free-standing coating machine with an automatic feeder for interior and exterior coating but also as an inline coater with a printing press for varnishing.
  • UV Coating Machine

    1. Aiming at high efficiency & environmental-friendly issue.
    2. This project proposes a green and efficient coating solution for the increasingly severe environmental problems.
    3. In 2018, the first UV coating machine has been successfully sold to leading joint ventures in the domestic metal packaging industry.

Coating Machine for Sale In Top Quality

Coating Machine for Sale In Top Quality

1. Accurate cross and longitudinal stenciling of sheet coating machine including uv coating machine china guarantees ultimate spot coating quality.

2. Double-scrapper structure of steel coating machine dramatically raises cost-efficiency.

3. Rigid manufacturing along with high-quality material extends service life.

4. Compatible applications between conventional solvent and water-based lacquers and potentially demanding UV lacquer.

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Metal Coating Machine
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