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Metal Printing

We offer a full range of colour offset printing machines including 1-color, 2-color, 3-color, 4-color, 5-color, 6-color… Most importantly, our electronic control system adopts a modular design, convenient for customers' operation and maintenance for expansion & streamline. We can solve any printing problem of automatic offset printing machines and increase productivity at a fair and reasonable cost. Contact an experienced technical sales team for reliable china offset printing machine recommendations that meet your needs. RUIYUAN has designed, produced, sold, and installed automatic offset printing machine for over 20 years.

Types of Offset Metal Decorating Printing Press Machine for Sale

  • Aluminum Printing

    Our metal printing equipment is available to provide the wide applications of an Aluminum package of food, beverage, household electrical appliance, craft, toys as well as shells of electronics, automobiles, and batteries.
  • Tinplate Printing Machine

    Our metal printing equipment is available for a wide range of applications in tinplate packaging for food, beverage, household appliances, crafts, toys, and electronic, automotive, and battery housings.
  • RYYT 453 Series

    China's first intelligent metal printing machine comes from RYYT 453 series. Especially the upgraded 453 series achieve full automation, the series of equipment is intelligence, digital, and information, provide users with high efficiency, high performance, low cost of automatic metal printing production line.
  • RYYT 452 Series

    RYYT 452 Series is the market and technology leader in the field of metal printing. RYYT 452 Series provides a high-performance metal printing solution and excellent print quality. It is an automatic machine with low make-ready times and is easy to operate.

How Does Offset Printing Machine Work

How Does Offset Printing Machine Work

Using the principle of oil and water repulsion, on the surface of the blank portion of the plate, the fountain system of the multi color offset printing machine applies a thin layer of fountain solution. The fountain solution (water and additives) is distributed on the surface of the blank. the graphics on the printing plate are transferred to the substrate through the rubber blanket.

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Metal Printing
Contact our experienced technical sales team for reliable metal printing equipment recommendations that are sure to meet your needs.
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