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Spot UV Coating Machine

UV Coating Machine

As the leader of UV coating machine suppliers in China, RUIYUAN continues technological innovation of spot uv coating machine to enhance the core competitiveness of our customers. The new generation of UV coating printing machines in metal coating line, provides users with high efficiency, high performance, green and low cost of the metal coating machine production line. RUIYUAN has high quality uv coating machines for sale to meet your different needs.

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UV Coating Machine Specification

Curing Speed10-15 min8-10 sec
VOC EmissionVolatile Content 40-50%0 Emission, Volatile Content 2% Approx
Energy ExhaustWhole Line 600-800KWWhole Line 250-300KW
Equipment Investment Large investment on OvenCost-saving 20-30%
SpaceLarge investment on OvenWhole Line 40m
Auxiliary Equipment Incinerator requestedNo request

OutlookGood LevelingGood Leveling, High Saturation
Solid Content40-60%98-100%
Flexibility No rust or damageNo rust or damage
Temperature ToleranceNo blister or flakeNo blister or flake
Punching Pressure
No split
Overlapping PressureNo adhesion within 24 hoursNo adhesion within 24 hours

UV Coating Printing Machine Technical Performance

  • Our spot uv coating machines are green environmental protection to achieve 0 VOCs emissions.

  • UV coating machine for sale at suitable prices. Cost-saving 20-30% of metal decorating printing and no request for the Auxiliary Equipment.

  • As one of the professional uv coating machine suppliers, our uv coating printing machines have good leveling outlook and high fullness.

UV Coating Printing Machine Technical Performance
UV Coating Machine
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