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RYYT 452 Series Main Technical Performance

  • Three printing cylinders are arranged vertically for easy operation;

  • Quick gripper for printing plate and rubber cloth to reduce lead time;

  • Drive system of ink/water supply can be separated from the main motor to avoid dry abrasion of the rubber roller;

  • Advanced structure for dynamic pressure adjustment of water/ink roller makes easy operation;

  • Automatic adjustment of synchronization between feeder and main motor by easy operation of push button;

  • The shaft-less drive is used. Four printing couples are controlled by individual motor so they are independent.

  • The synchronized optic cable between printing couples, through the virtual main axis as reference, makes the four units quite synchronized.

  • Main drive device with simple structure has only one communication bus to connect PLC and is easy for service; 

  • All cylinders/rollers and delivery device and double sheet ejector are coupled pneumatically featuring simple structure and easy operation;

  • Water/ink duct rollers are controlled separately by frequency converter for continuous speed change, and are synchronized/traced with main motor;

  • Reasonable and advanced arrangement of china offset printing machine water/ink rollers guarantees printing quality;

  • All three big cylinders use advanced high precision bearing support to ensure quality printing;

  • Hard lining structure ensures solid screen dot;

  • High point closing of jaws with strong gripping force and reliable transfer;

  • Sheet transfer by imported electronic device and standard air cylinder features simple structure and accurate transfer;

  • The stock lift mechanism is operated by worm wheel and chain wheel with strong load capability and without slip;

  • A No-sheet detector for stock controls the air pump operation and holds back the stock lift.

RYYT 452 Series Main Technical Performance