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Kunshan RUIYUAN Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


One of the customers that have tested and approved the printing line is Chinese food processing giant CPMC, which has commissioned the new generation of the RYYT4453 machine for its Tianjin packaging plant in September 2020, Due to the exquisite printing quality and high efficiency of this line, other branches have ordered several of the same product lines this year.

On a receipt signed and sealed by the user, CPMC Packaging (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. RuiYuan new generation of RYYT high-end intelligent four-color printing production line, many acceptance items are listed. Such as the overlapping line precision of machine less than or equal to 0.02mm.  Continuous and stable production speed up to 5000~5500 pieces per hour, printing quality parameters of real density, K value, printing dot step-adjustment reduction, dot expansion rate

Meaning that the RUIYUAN China offset printing machine is helping Users saving manpower, reducing reliance on operator experience, reducing costs, improving efficiency and printing quality, and its timely service, cost performance, and other significant competitive advantages.


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