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Advantages and Maintenance of UV Drying Machine

Ⅰ. Understanding UV drying machine

The UV drying machine uses intense UV radiation to instantly cure surfaces. It is a rapidly developing high-tech in recent years. Its unique radiation characteristics and excellent performance have attracted great attention from the scientific and business communities. It is used for flexo-printing of various impermeable substrates with strong instant adhesive force. The principle of UV drying machine is to add photo-initiators (or photosensitizers) into a special formula resin. After absorbing high-intensity UV light in the UV-curing equipment, it produces active free radicals or ionic groups, triggering polymerization, crosslinking, and grafting reactions, so that the resin (UV paint, ink, adhesive, etc.) becomes solid within a few seconds (changes from liquid to solid).

Ⅱ. Advantages of UV Drying Machine

1. Reduce air pollution: Since the UV drying machine's material does not contain solvents, it is 100% solid, so there is no pollution.

2. Save space: The UV drying device is simple, safe, and can be dried at room temperature for a short time, with lower manufacturing costs than traditional hot air furnaces. 

3. Save manpower: Due to simple technology, manpower is saved, productivity is improved, and electricity bills are saved. It can save about 60% of electricity costs because it only takes a few seconds to dry. 

4. Improve quality: Improve the quality and precision of the dried materials, with physical resistance, oxidation resistance, non-toxicity, especially in food packaging and toy printing. A special effect called weaving and extinction can also be obtained through UV drying.

Ⅲ. Maintenance of UV drying machine

How should we maintain the UV drying machine? Every day, when our workshop employees finish a day of production, we must clean and wipe the surface of the UV drying machine. The mechanic should also check the lubrication level of the machine, current situation, whether there is UV light leakage, safety, etc. every day and solve problems in time.

The workshop employees regularly clean the dust inside and outside the UV drying machine every month, such as the cooling fan, fan blades, electric box, UV light box room, transformer area, etc. In the middle of the month, the following mechanic should add butter to the bearing position, chain, check the oil level of the reducer, add oil, check the circuit status, arrange the circuit, check and replace UV lampshade and reflective plate. These are the key points of our UV drying machine maintenance. Careful maintenance will make our machine more convenient to use and have a longer lifespan.

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