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Eight Tips About UV Glazing

1. What is UV glazing?

UV glazing is a surface treatment process in which a layer of transparent compound is applied to media such as paper or metal, and then cured immediately by ultraviolet light. UV glazing machine is mainly used for post-press glazing.

UV glazing is an excellent way to make your printed marketing materials stand out: UV glazing provides a bright luster for metal prints, business cards, postcards, flyers and other materials. A UV coating printing machine is used to apply the coating after printing. The use of printed marketing materials for UV glazing can also provide a thick protective layer to achieve long-lasting durability, thereby bringing you the greatest benefit.

The reflectivity and thickness of UV glazing can vary depending on the application, although high gloss or slightly matte UV glazing are often used for advanced printing applications.

UV glazing can be applied to the entire product, either on the front or back, or on one side only. You can also choose partial UV glazing, some of which can be glazed on your design, highlighting images, logos or slogans.

2. What is the process of UV glazing?

UV glazing can be used for in-line glazing or offline glazing. UV Coating printing machine and glazing machine can be selected. Normally, the genuine UV glazing is done by the blanket of a roller glazing coating machine or an offset printing press machine;

3. What is the difference between UV glazing and water-based glazing?

You may ask: "Is UV glazing waterproof?" No, UV glazing is not waterproof, but it can be water resistant.

Water-based glazing is the glazing of water-based varnish. Although it may be the ideal varnish choice for printed matter, UV coatings can provide higher gloss and better protection.

Water-based glazing uses an infrared lamp to dry the varnish, which is a physical process; while UV glazing uses a UV lamp to cure the varnish, which is a chemical process.

4. What is the difference between UV glazing and laminating?

Laminating can provide good protection, but it needs trimming after laminating, which will increase production cost.

Laminating can provide waterproof performance, while UV coating can only be water resistant.

UV glazing can directly replace the laminating and provide a protective cover layer, which can add value to any document, thereby increasing the vividness and richness of its color (and preventing scratches and fingerprints).

The varnish used for UV glazing is much cheaper than the laminating used for mulching.

5. What are the advantages of UV glazing compared to laminating?

A. Low unit cost

B. High speed

C. Environmental protection, easy to recycle after use; UV glazing does not produce VOC

D. Coating can be used on cut sheets, which means no trimming of the edges is required

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6. What are the disadvantages of UV glazing compared to laminating?

A. More expensive equipment capital expenditure

B. Need ventilation

C. High power consumption

7. What are the benefits of UV glazing?

A. UV glazing has a beautiful luster, which makes your marketing materials and brands stand out, because UV glazing can enrich your design and enhance your color, and can provide high-quality products and services. The printed product after UV glazing is smooth to the touch, which means that it provides a pleasant tactile experience and attracts customers' attention.

B. UV glazing can protect your marketing printing materials. The coating helps resist abrasions, scratches, friction and prevent ink stains. This means that your marketing materials look great and can further expand your marketing effectiveness.

C. UV glazing has a competitive advantage and can enhance your brand image and maximize your return on investment.

8. What materials can be used for UV glazing?

UV glazing on metal printing, UV glazing can help you attract consumers' attention and provide your product information with a long-lasting high-quality and exquisite appearance and longer storage and display time, which can help you stand out from the competition.

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