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The Principle and Characteristics of Metal Printing

1. Principle of metal printing

Metal printing refers to printing whose substrate is metal. Metal printing is a kind of practical printing, commonly known as iron sheet printing. It is a printing method using hard materials such as metal plates, metal forming products and metal foils as substrates. Its printing materials mainly include tinplate, Wuxi thin steel plate, zinc iron plate, black steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum stamping container and aluminum and white iron composite materials.

Metal printing is rarely the printing of final products, but is often an integral part of the processing process of various containers, covers, building materials, household electrical appliances, furniture, nameplates, and various miscellaneous supplies. Most of these products are aimed at enriching people's lives. Therefore, in order to arouse consumers' desire to buy and improve the sales value of commodities, as a means of promotion, novel binding designs and exquisite printing should be carried out. In this way, metal printing press becomes more important.

2. Metal printing products generally have the following characteristics

(1) Bright colors, rich layers and good visual effects

If the metal printing material is tin-plated steel plate, because the surface is tin-plated, it has a flashing color effect, and then after the background color printing, the printed pictures and texts are more vivid. For tin-free steel plates or other metal materials, after surface treatment and coating, the special sparkling effect can also be reproduced after metal printing.

(2) Good processability of printing materials and diversity of modeling design

Metal printing substrates have good mechanical properties and processing and forming properties. Metal packaging containers can achieve novel and unique shape designs, and produce various special-shaped cylinders, cans, boxes and other packaging containers, which can beautify the commodity and improve the competitiveness of the commodity.

(3) Conducive to the realization of the unity of the use value and artistry of commodities

The good performance of metal materials and the good wear resistance and durability of printing ink not only create conditions for the realization of unique modeling design and exquisite printing, but also improve the durability and maintainability of goods, which can better reflect the unity of the use value and artistry of commodities.

Based on the above reasons, metal material printing has developed by leaps and bounds in modern times. As a technology leader in the metal plate printing industry, RuiYuan has invested a lot of manpower and material resources over the years and cooperated closely with relevant research institutes to overcome a series of problems in the application of flatbed printers. Welcome to consult our products online!

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