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The Impact of Offset Printing Press Machine Debugging on Registration Accuracy and Principles for Dismantling and Installing

The impact of offset printing press machine debugging on registration

Offset printing press machine is a type of flatbed printing press machine. During printing, the printed text and images are first printed from the printing plate onto the rubber roller, and then transferred to the metal plate by the rubber roller. Today we will share the impact of the offset printing press machine debugging process on registration:

Printing color sequence

Large-area solid printing and ink with high viscosity will increase the peeling force between the metal plate and the rubber blanket, causing the metal plate to stretch and deform. When the metal plate enters the next color group, it is very easy to cause registration problems. Therefore, when printing multiple colors with the offset printing press machine, the general order should be light to dark, and then screen printing before solid printing.

Printing pressure

The offset printing press machine uses a small printing pressure that can meet the printing requirements to minimize metal plate deformation.

In addition to the above content, to solve the problem of inaccurate registration on the offset printing press machine, you should also follow four principles: punctuality, adherence to position, observe the rules, and find differences.

The principles of disassembly and assembly of offset printing press machines

When disassembling and assembling the offset printing press machine after use, what principles should be followed? As a manufacturer of Weifang offset printing press machine, let me share with you the principles that should be followed when disassembling and assembling the offset printing press machine.

  • When disassembling each component of the offset printing press machine, you need to fully understand the internal structure and not disassemble it blindly.

  • If there is no assembly drawing, draw a construction drawing before disassembly to avoid not being able to install or misassemble after disassembly.

  • Symbols and guide lines should be made for each disassembled part to facilitate restoration to its original state.

  • The disassembled parts should be labeled with the place of installation, part number, etc., and placed in an orderly manner.

  • For standard parts that have been disassembled, the screws should be screwed back in their original position. If there are screws and nuts, the standard parts and the parts should be connected together. If the parts are small, they can be tied together with iron wire.

  • If the dismantled part is a shaft, the parts on the shaft should be strung together in their original position.

  • Regarding the disassembly of gear pairs with orientation requirements, mark the two gears at the meshing position with red paint.

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