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Mixed Can Industry: 5 Upgrades in Iron Printing Industry

With the release and implementation of a series of policies of national environmental protection and emission reduction, the manufacturing industry is facing upgrading and innovation. The transformation and upgrading of China's metal packaging industry are also in full swing.

1. Multicolor inline UV printing

Transformation: from the traditional thermosetting iron printing to the standard UV light-curing multicolor iron printing machine.

At present, 90% of the total number of domestic production lines are still traditional thermosetting iron printing. In recent years, with the promotion of national green printing, environmentally friendly clean production, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou where have launched VOC emission standards ranging from 6 to 8 yuan/kg, the efforts of transformation and upgrading of the iron printing industry have been improved.

According to incomplete statistics, it shows that multicolor iron printing has become the first choice of large can factories and professional iron printing factories. Multicolor printing press fundamentally changed the pattern of China's iron printing industry and enhance the Chinese metal printing quality and level.

2. Digitalization, regularization, standardization, and intelligence of iron printing

Transformation: from the traditional film plate which relies on the eye to observe the quality of the iron printing, and gradually shift to the new model of the computer to plate (CTP) "digital, standardized, standardized and intelligent" iron printing color management and quality control.

In the large iron can printing factory, the traditional film printing plate has been transformed and upgraded to CTP. Various digital processes with CTP make iron printing prominent in the printing industry. CTP not only replaces the film, focusing more on the transformation towards digitalization, regularization, standardization, and intelligence, but also can control and seamlessly integrate the quality data of CTP and the quality data of the iron printing machine in a whole process and intelligently.

As one of the computer to plate manufacturers in China, Kunshan RUIYUAN Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd, adopts CTP and researches the ink-saving of UCR, GCR iron printing. We introduced CIP-3 ink presetting and online color scanning, not only to replace the film with CTP, but also to carry out the linear control of iron printing tone reduction (plate linearity - proofing linearity - printing linearity), ink color density control, so that the pre-press and printing process and quality data for effective digital, regularized, standardized integration, and then to intelligent transformation. "CTP + ink-saving software, ink presetting, online color scanning", based on "printing standardization, digitalization, regularization", switching to a higher level of printing "intelligent" transformation and upgrading, will lead the metal printing industry technology development and future production practices.

3. Wide color gamut iron printing, no spot color iron printing, and value-added iron printing

Transformation: from the traditional "4-color + spot color" iron printing process to "4-color + RGB" seven-color wide color gamut iron printing, no spot color iron printing development and application, and the value-added iron printing and personalization such as anti-counterfeit iron printing, laser iron printing, have become a new hot spot.

In China, the past 6 color printing press mainly focuses on the production of large orders, not suitable for small orders. The introduction of 6 color printing presses by COFCO, BaoYin, and Jiamei is due to the large orders of Red Bull, YangYuan, and Lulu. With the rapid pace of introduction, 6 color iron printing machines in the non-beverage industry gradually popularized, not only to do large orders but there is also a demand for small orders, especially milk powder cans, chemical cans, gifts in the miscellaneous can industry. Coupled with chemical cans, art cans generally due to their large surface, require higher visibility, better color matching effect, and a richer level of performance. The needs for iron printing color personalization, anti-counterfeiting, and decorative decoration are increasingly strong. The development of wide color gamut (CMYK + RGB) iron printing and no spot color iron printing on multicolor printing presses, not only achieves personalization of iron but provides the possibility for small batch production to produce without changing ink and without stop. RuiYuan No. 452, 453 series of iron printing machine sets a good start for wide color gamut printing, and no spot color printing industrialization, at the same time provides a new iron printing solution for coating chemical companies, art cans brand user companies, and multi-species small-batch enterprises.

4. Industry chain extension to create a complete iron printing solution

Transformation: With the advantage of resources, the tinplate factory extends the business of iron printing and lamination, and can provide customized solutions for chemical cans and art cans, which are sought after by brand companies.

In addition to having smaller batches than beverage cans, chemical coating cans companies and art cans companies both have a common demand: sensitivity to the cost of tinplate and brand customer's specific materials. At present, Kunshan RUIYUAN Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd integrates cold rolled sheet, tinplate, printing, lamination, shearing, and distribution in one, and the industry chain is extended and developed to create a total solution for chemical tank factories, aerosol can factories and art gift box factories, which can better cater to the market.

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