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The Similarities and Differences Between Single-colour Offset Machine and Double-colour Offset Printing Machine

Prices for monochrome and double-colour printing machines differ, and relatively speaking, double-colour offset printing machines are more suitable for market demands, but there are also some users who choose monochrome printing machines for their quality and affordability.

In order to help more users understand the similarities and differences between single-colour offset machine and double-colour offset printing machines, we have compiled relevant content for everyone to read and use.

Similarities between the single colour offset machine and double-colour offset printing machine

  • Both are types of offset printing machines, where printed graphics and text are first printed on the rubber roller from the printing plate, then transferred to the metal plate by the rubber roller.

  • The size of the metal plates used is the same: referring to the area that the metal plate can enter when printing on the printing machine, the size used in ordinary commercial printing machines is estimated to be below 600mm×400mm.

  • The printing area is the same: referring to the area that the printing machine can print on the metal plate, also measured in mm.

  • Offset registration accuracy is high, plate-making costs are low, and the printed products have full levels, rich tone, and soft colours, with high printing quality.

Differences between the single colour offset machine and double-colour offset printing machine

Ink supply system

A single colour offset machine has one set of ink supply system, while a 2 color printing machine has two sets.

Price and functionality

Choose based on your business. If you have more products that require two colours, a 2 color printing machine is suitable because it will increase efficiency. If you only print things that are monochrome, then a monochrome machine is better.

Double-colour machine groups are connected by two double-diameter transfer rollers and one triple-diameter transfer roller, which realizes four-colour printing in just seven transfers per plate, reducing seven transfers compared to the traditional single-diameter impression roller and transfer roller structure, ensuring high-precision printing. The use of double-diameter impression rollers increases the curvature radius of the metal plate during printing, reducing the plate's bending deformation.

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