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Development and Application of Metal Printing

Ⅰ. What is metal printing?

Metal printing refers to printing whose substrate is metal. Generally used for metal packaging such as: milk powder cans, air fresheners, battery casings, beverage cans, etc.

There are mainly screen printing, offset printing and other forms, especially in the high-fidelity field of offset printing, the printing quality of metal printing with metal offset printing machine can be comparable to that of paper printing.

Metal printing is rarely the printing of final products, but is often an integral part of the processing process of various containers, covers, building materials, household electrical appliances, furniture, nameplates, and various miscellaneous supplies. Most of these products are aimed at enriching people's lives.

Therefore, in order to arouse consumers' desire to buy and improve the sales value of metal printing, as a means of promotion, novel binding designs and exquisite printing should be carried out, so that metal printing becomes more important.

Ⅱ. The development of metal printing

The printing of metal materials has been developed in books and periodicals in modern times. As a technology leader in the metal printing machine industry, Kunshan RUIYUAN Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of manpower and material resources over the years and cooperated closely with relevant research institutes to overcome a series of problems in the application of metal printing equipment and create many firsts such as the multicolor offset printing machine in the industry.

Ⅲ. The application of metal printing

With the rapid development of the national economy, the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for metal products continues to expand.

At the same time, the printing methods are also becoming more diversified, and the product quality is constantly improving. Therefore, the use of metal printing is infinitely broad. To sum up, the application of metal printing includes the following.

1. In the packaging industry. Because metal products have the characteristics of sturdiness and durability, especially the food contained in the cans, boxes, etc., have a long storage time and good freshness. If they are exquisitely designed and printed with high-end color, they can not only increase the added value of the product, but also improve the economic efficiency of metal printing equipment, but also have valuable collection value.

2. In children's toys. Due to the excellent ductility of metal, with certain process design and printing, it can be made into toy products of various shapes, increasing the fun of children.

3. In advertising and decoration. Large-scale metal advertisements, posters and metal decorating printing of various decorative steel plates can beautify the environment.

4. In terms of culture and gifts. Printing various colors of aluminum foil decoration, packaging gifts and metal stationery, such as folders, stationery boxes, filing cabinets and other office supplies.

5. Printing of various steel products in other aspects. In short, general metal products can obtain dazzling effects as long as they are exquisitely printed. With the needs of people's consumption, the development of metal printing products will definitely play a role in promoting.

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