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Static Protection Measures for Offset Printing Press Machine

When using a printing press, there are some static protection measures that need to be taken. As a offset printing press machine manufacturer, let us explain what static protection measures are needed for the press.

Cleaning is an important component of static protection for the offset printing press machine

Firstly, it is important to ensure that all the relative contact surfaces are clean, as this is a key measure to reducing friction and wear. The primary targets for cleaning are the exposed relative contact surfaces, which do not require lubrication, but if foreign objects are found on these surfaces, they must be removed promptly.

Secondly, it is important to ensure that other important parts are cleaned regularly, as the cleanliness of these parts directly affects the machine's ability to operate normally.

Additionally, the cleaning of materials used in the printing process is also important, as it helps ensure the quality of the printed products, so particular attention should be paid when selecting them.

Lubrication is another important aspect of static protection for the offset printing press machine

Under static conditions, the oil level in the tank, whether the oil route filters are clean, and the location of the drip tube should be checked for accuracy.

In addition, it is important not to open the offset printing press machine cover frequently to prevent dust from entering the oil route or the relative contact surfaces.

It is also important to ensure that the correct type of lubricant is selected. Grease lubrication is used for low speed and light loads, and the effect of insufficient grease lubrication may not be obvious, but over time, a lack of grease can cause wear that is difficult to recover from, so the lubricating grease used for lubrication parts should be regularly replaced.

Security measures are also essential for static protection of the offset printing press machine

Before turning on the machine, it is necessary to check for any foreign objects inside the machine, especially when repairing the printer. If there are any, they should be removed promptly.

In addition, do not place any items unrelated to the operation on the machine, as they may be brought into the machine due to vibrations or other reasons, causing machine accidents. The switches used for protection purposes on the machine should also be carefully checked to ensure that they can be controlled after the machine is turned on.

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