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The Key of UV Printing Machine

 UV printers are used to print on metal surfaces mainly for product identification and metal packaging materials. Traditional metal printing often uses offset printing. The complicated drying process leads to high VOC emissions and high energy consumption. This UV metal coater stands out by virtue of their high efficiency, energy saving, flexibility, high degree of personalization, and fast curing speed.

UV printer printing material packaging

There are many kinds of metals. Common ones are aluminum, stainless steel, titanium plates, etc., and some have been surface pretreated, such as anodized aluminum plates, galvanized plates, etc. Different metals have different surface properties. The adhesion of the ink on the printing surface and the toughness of the ink when the material is deformed are two key factors to consider the effect of metal printing. Generally speaking, flat UV printers are generally used for printing metal materials.

Metal UV printer solution

Ruiyuan is a professional UV coating machine manufacturer, we have high quality UV coater for sale. The surface of paper, wood, etc. is rough and porous, and UV printers have basically no problems in printing on the surface of these materials. The metal surfaces that are commonly used before printing are relatively smooth, high-density, and often sticky with oily substances, which are the direct reasons for the insufficient adhesion of UV ink on the metal surface.


In order to solve the problem of adhesion, the metal surface is usually used for pre-printing rust and cleaning to remove oil, and the appropriate ink (generally containing hydroxyl oligomer and reactive diluent) is selected during printing, or pre-printing is beneficial to improve the contact with the metal surface. Additive link for attachment.

In addition to adhesion, for non-planar surfaces, the toughness of the ink when the material is deformed is also a difficult point to test the effect of UV printing. Specifically, different treatment schemes should be adopted according to actual needs. Since such cases do not account for a high proportion, we will not elaborate on them here. Dongchuan Digital UV Printer has many customer examples of metal surface printing. With years of continuous technical research, it has mastered a mature technology system in the application of UV printing on common metal material surfaces, and has helped many industrial enterprises achieve high efficiency on metal surfaces. Low-consumption, personalized and environmentally friendly printing.

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